Chapter 1: “Lost Chinchilla”

I receive the email at 9:00 p.m. I consider not opening the attached document from the unknown sender but the title of the document is too tempting.

After opening it, I have A LOT of questions.

  1. Where does one get a chinchilla in Thailand? Is this common?
  2. Why is the color in both English and Spanish? Why isn’t it in Thai?
  3. Zeus?
  4. “Fluctuates throughout the day but constant at night” How often are they weighing their pet?
  5. Is foot length common knowledge in the chinchilla community?
  6. Seven??
  7. How does one find out the allergies of their pets? Fresh grass? Warm milk? What if the milk is cold? Are raw onions okay? He will DIE?

There is a lot of weird shit that happens in Thailand… I am confused, but honestly not surprised. I assume that the email is sent to me by mistake — I don’t send a response.

Chapter 2: The Second Email

I receive the second email four days later. This time “Trixy” uses my name. I realize that this must be a prank because 25 km is really far. If this chinchilla was real, they would know that it’s been turned into a mystery meat stick* by now.

I am still a little hesitant because, as I said, there is some weird shit that happens in Thailand — what if it is a girl from one of my classes?

I figure that if I offer to meet her and she denies me then it has to be a prank and therefore it’s someone from my program.

*Mystery Meat Stick: unrecognizable meat, often presented in the form of unnatural shapes and colors.

Chapter 3: It’s Definitely a Prank

I now know that this DEFINITELY a prank. The Netherlands comment and “God Bless” were a great touch.

I decide to play along.

If you have ever seen the Gremlins you will notice some similarities.

  1. Siawgom -> Mogwais
  2. Mr. Wing is the name of the owner of the antique shop in China Town.
  3. The rules are almost identical to the Gremlin rules.

Chapter 4: The Perfect Response

I love this response. Everything from the “fruit kebabs” to the roadkill picture — which I’m almost positive is a rabbit.

The question still stands… Who is this person? It has to be someone from my program. I rule out my close circle of friends for various reasons.

After hours of torture, I beg our program’s GroupMe for the identity.

Chapter 5: Case Closed

After an hour of me complaining to my friends I get the final email with a single photo.

It’s Laura! Who is in my close circle of friends. I was shocked. She got me so good, but it’s okay. I have something BIG coming for her…